Brie Larson is an expert at keeping her followers interested on social media.

She actually has one of the larger followings in the industry, so she probably knows a thing or two about it. 

Her posts also receive a tonne of interaction, and for good reason

The actress is skilled at luring viewers with a blend of humour and clothing choices that convey the message she wants to get across.

Another example of this is in her most recent post, and people responded right away with the finest Instagram endorsement there is: likes. 

In her Instagram photo, Brie Larson is wearing a ripped shirt and a bikini. She asks a question to everybody who sees this.

With her request that people submit songs that definitely don't fit the atmosphere, style, or concept of the scene, Brie Larson is clearly having fun with this

The Marvel theme song, "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes," "Footloose," "My Captain," Are Some Comments

 The Instagram post earned a tonne of likes as of the time of writing and had more than 642K interactions.

The Marvel actress has made it a point to share pictures on the social media platform that will engage her followers 

And other users in a conversation, even though not all of her postings receive this type of adoration.

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