Nolan Neal, a former contestant on The Voice and America's Got Talent, passed away at age 41.

On July 18, the body of musician Nolan Neal was discovered inside his Nashville apartment.

Nolan Neal, a singer who has been on "America's Got Talent" and "The Voice," was discovered dead on Monday. He was 41.

His passing was confirmed by Neal's cousin Dylan Seals, who told TMZ that he was discovered in his apartment in Nashville, Tennessee.

Although there was no known cause of death, Neal had a history of drug usage.

Authorities said that Neal's roommate called them after finding his death in his bedroom.

Police reported that a guitar pick on Neal's desk next to his bed appeared to "contain a powder residue."

Sing in peace with the angels, as his official fan page, Nolan Neal Navy, posted on social media on Monday. A brilliant light is absent from the planet, and Heaven recently hired a new music director. 10.05.80- 07.18.22."

Later in the season, he performed "Lost," another of his original songs. He composed the song after quitting drinking.

Dylan Seals, the late musician's cousin, said in an interview with PEOPLE that Nolan Neal "ultimately succumbed to his fight with substance usage."

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