The Gray Man on Netflix is better than critics claim and worth your time.

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Nowadays, I kind of toss up whether or not I'll agree with critics when it comes to the new Netflix thing they're skewering.

Even though Netflix's previous attempts at blockbuster movies have often left me unimpressed, I genuinely believed that The Gray Man had too much going for it—between its actors and the Russos' direction—to be subpar.

And it’s not bad! It’s pretty good!

The Gray Man on Netflix Wastes Ryan Gosling's Powerful Comedy Skills on a Film That's Hardly There

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Despite what critics have said, Netflix members claim that the thriller The Gray Man is "really" good.

‘I can’t believe I’m firmly in the “ The Gray Man is good, actually” camp’

Twitter users who watch Netflix are claiming that The Gray Man is genuinely fantastic, despite what detractors claim.

Friday saw the launch of the newest movie from The Russo Brothers on Netflix (22 July).

Adapted from Mark Greaney's 2009 book of the same name, the suspenseful thriller stars Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans as undercover operatives.

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Regé-Jean Page from Bridgerton, Billy Bob Thornton, and Ana de Armas are all present in the movie.

The majority of The Gray Man's reviews from critics have been neutral. Clarisse Loughrey gave the movie two stars and stated that it "comes off as weirdly languid and airless."

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The Gray Man - IMDB Rating-  6/10 

Image Credit - Netflix

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