Watch Taylor Swift perform a "mashup" of "Love Story" and "Gasoline" on stage with HAIM.

Swift supporters are ecstatic to see Taylor Swift play live for the first time since 2019.

The music icon joined Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim at the O2 Arena in London on Thursday night as part of their "One More Haim Tour."

"When I learned that my girls were performing at the O2 in London, I knew I had to go.

And it appears that 20,000 other individuals shared that same opinion "In clips posted to social media, Swift is heard saying to the crowd.

We reasoned that if we performed a mashup, we might be able to get you to sing as loudly as you have all evening.

The "All Too Well" singer used the trio's song "Gasoline" into a rock version of her 2008 hit "Love Story."

Fans praised the unexpected performance as well as Swift and HAIM's stage attire.

Swift discusses her "moments of profound anguish" following the death of her masters: "It was an extremely difficult moment."

Swift disputes Damon Albarn's assertion that she does not write her songs:

The 32-year-old performer shared a TikTok video of herself dressing in straight-legged leather leggings to match the group's all-black ensemble.

The sisters sported a triangle ensemble, while Swift wore a square-neck cropped tank.

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