‘These producers hate women’: Love Island sparks backlash over shock return of series four star Adam Collard

The Colombian actress reportedly went to the Towe Bar in Los Angeles the day before her birthday.

Sofia Vergara tweeted a number of photos of herself and her family relaxing by the pool at her birthday anniversary party, though.

"Pre bday lunch with my family," Vergara posted in one the pictures.

The Modern Family star posed seductively for her photos while donning a red and white summer dress and sunglasses.

She said on Instagram that she was "50 & still amazing" as she posed with her son Manolo Gonzalez Vergara and her stunning niece Claudia Verga, who lives in the Miami region.

Rafael Verga's sister Claudia is the offspring of Rafael.

In 1998, Sofia Vergara's brother passed away. Rafael was reportedly killed during an attempted kidnapping.

"It was a highly spectacular occurrence. He was an easy target for criminals since we are a prosperous family, "In 2011, Sofia Vergara made a statement to Parade magazine.

Sofia Vergara received praise from any celebrities for her Instagram postings. Adriana Lima wished the birthday girl well in her comments. "Happy birthday! I'll eat what you're having." Commenting was Amanda Cerny. Sofia Vergara congratulated Bubbles, one of her Chihuahua pets, that same weekend.

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Vergara's husband Joe Manganiello shared a happy birthday photo on Instagram for Bubbles, who turned nine.

Happy birthday to me, Sofia Vergara, who is gorgeous as she celebrates turning 50 with cake and flowers. '

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