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By Manish Gupta

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Did You Know About Shou Sugi Ban ? A Japanese Technique

Did You Know About Shou Sugi Ban ? A Japanese Technique

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Most likely, you've heard of Yakisugi and Shou Sugi Ban, but what do they actually mean?

A Japanese technique called shou sugi ban involves charring wood.

The charred surface of the method was initially employed to preserve wood since it acted as a barrier against moisture and insects.

The method eventually lost popularity, although it has recently come back into fashion as a design trend.

Historically, wood was preserved and strengthened using this technique.

It can be applied to ceilings, walls, and flooring. Additionally appropriate for furniture, shou sugi ban.

It can be utilised for cabinets, tables, and chairs. Shou sugi ban is appropriate for art as well. Both sculptures and paintings can be made w

Concrete, glass, stone, metal, plastic, paepr, and fabric are among the materials that can be used for yakisugi and shou sugi ba

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