Serena Williams Warnings Message To All Women 

Serena Williams Warnings Message To All Women 

Saturday, August 14, 2022

By Manish Gupta

Serena Williams' direct retirement essay serves as a reminder to all women that they will never be able to have it all.

In a direct and unvarnished piece for Vogue, Serena Williams revealed her intention to retire.

Williams claimed that she has to pick between her career and starting a family since she is a woman.

Women's unpaid labour is a major contributor to the US economy, and a shift is not imminent.

I never wanted to have to decide between playing tennis and starting a family, believe me.

Tennis phenom Serena Williams stated in a candid Vogue piece that it was time to "evolve" away from tennis 

Women have been making this choice for years, and it isn't likely to change any time soon.

If I were a man, she said, "I wouldn't be writing this because I'd be out there winning while my wife was doing the actual labour of growing our family."

"Perhaps if I had that chance, I'd be more like Tom Brady," the person said.

Her remarks had a profound impact on me, leaving me feeling hopeless.

Williams' decision to devote more time to her family has my full support, but this is not how I intended her professional career to finish.

My sister and I used to play tennis as kids while acting like the Williams sisters.

There didn't appear to be anything she couldn't accomplish. But the facts contradict that.

She wrote, "I hate having to be at this crossroads." It bothers me too.

For women, things aren't getting any better.

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