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By Manish Gupta

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Scandinavian Home Designs Concepts You'll Love To See

Scandinavian Home Designs Concepts You'll Love To See

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Scandinavian-style homes, which take their cues from traditional Swedish farmhouses

Characterised by their two-story wood construction painted in vibrant colours, numerous windows, and light, raw wood throughout the inside.

In order to keep their homes warm throughout the winter, Scandinavian house plans often have lower ceilings than most American dwellings.

In fact, readers of House Beautiful magazine selected Scandinavian-style homes as the hottest category in 2011.

Scandinavian design is straightforward and practical, but it also uses muted, minimalistic hues and keeps everything uncluttered.

Materials come in a range of textures and colour schemes and are often constructed of glass or wood.

Large windows in Scandinavian homes provide for an abundance of natural light.

The modern furniture found in Scandinavian homes is also composed of solid wood or metal.

Stone flooring, hardwood counters, and real plants are some examples of well-integrated natural components that give a space a pleasant appearance.

There is more to Scandinavian design than stark white walls.

Scandinavians are not known for being wasteful, thus it is not surprising that many of the materials in Scandinavian homes have been used before.

Contemporary Scandinavian kitchens.

Custom flooring, vertical storage choices including cupboards, open shelf sections, and countertops made of materials like marble, granite, or concrete are frequently used

Scandinavian design has become more and more well-liked throughout time, not just in Europe but also across all of North America.

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