In the future, Selena Gomez "hopes to be married and to be a mom."

Gomez continued, "I'm probably simply going to devote most of my life to philanthropy until I peace out."

Selena Gomez plans to eventually stop acting in order to be married and have children.

Selena Gomez is prepared to bid Hollywood farewell.

The singer/actress said she eventually wants to get married and have children, and she's willing to give up performing so she can concentrate on her personal life.

The 30-year-old said to hosts Raquelle Stevens and Ashley Cook, who are also her lifelong pals, "I aspire to get married and to be a mom."

I'm going to become weary of this eventually, so before I quit, I'll probably just spend the majority of my time on charitable endeavours.

The "Same Old Love" singer continued by saying that seeing her half-sister Gracie Teefey

Who is 8 years old, develop gave her the confidence to know she wants to have children.

Gomez praised her sister by saying, "She puts things in perspective."

 I essentially have to see this child develop into a human.

There is no better sensation in existence. Despite not being a parent, I sometimes feel like one.

Simply realising that life used to be so straightforward is incredibly fulfilling, she continued. "I want to love life as much as she does."

The "Ice Cream" singer has previously discussed his desire to start a family.

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