After being struck by lightning at Masonboro Island in North Carolina, Will Friend, 33, passed away. Bevin Prince, an actress, was his wife.

FAMILY'S SADNESS William Friend, 33, the husband of One Tree Hill actor Bevin Prince, was killed by lightning while aboard a boat during a storm in North Carolina.

Friend was given a 20-minute resuscitation attempt by EMS before being pronounced dead.

Odette Annable, Prince's closest friend, posted a homage to Friend on Instagram on Wednesday in the wake of the horrific tragedy.

William Friend, died on Sunday at the age of 33

Emergency personnel attempted to revive him, but he was declared dead in the ambulance, according to the local news station in the region, WECT News.

Aboard Sunday, 33-year-old William Friend was discovered on a boat on Masonboro Island unconscious.

For the previous seven years, he served as the company's CEO.

Following the occurrence, boaters and lightning safety experts urged people to be aware of the risks associated with being near water or a beach during a storm.

Bevin Prince - cast in One-Tree Hill - married to William Friend  

RIP - William Friend