The third season trailer for Never Have I Ever shows Devi and Paxton's romance heating up when a 'hot' new classmate shows up.

Never Have I Ever's eagerly anticipated third season debuts on Netflix on August 12.

The romance between Devi and Paxton is finally taking off, but with a new possible suitor in the distance, the seas appear to be a little stormy.

Never Have I Ever's third season's trailer, which teased the highs and lows, was released on Wednesday.

Devi and Paxton are shown walking hand in hand through Sherman Oaks High, much to their peers' chagrin and jealousy, as the new season takes up after season 2's events.

Never Have I Ever: 'Daxton' Season 3 Trailer Sees Couple Go Public with Their Relationship

The most dramatic episode of Never Have I Ever so far involves a real relationship.

Never Have I Ever, from executive producer Mindy Kaling, made its debut in 2020.

Devi, a brilliant and snarky overachiever who navigates adolescence while dealing with the challenges of being an American first-generation citizen and her father's passing, is the subject of the television programme.

Never Have I Ever has a hilarious voiceover from tennis player John McEnroe and is at times both very amusing and quite poignant.

The third season's Netflix debut is on August 12.

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