KiwiCo's DIY ice cream kits are $5 off in honour of National Ice Cream Day.

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Deals to take advantage of on Sunday for National Ice Cream Day

On Sunday, businesses are offering discounts and freebies in honour of National Ice Cream Day despite the fact that ice cream costs have been rising.

Businesses are leveraging the freebies and promotions, much like they did for National French Fry Day last week, to expand their consumer bases and encourage loyalty.

While demand for the frozen delicacy hasn't thawed, ice cream prices in June jumped 12.5 percent with inflation over the previous year and are predicted to do so further.

In 1984, former President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July 3rd as National Ice Cream Day and July as National Ice Cream Month.

Sunday is the last day teachers may save with Kohl's teacher discounts and the first day of Target's 15% teacher discounts, both unrelated to ice cream.

Ice Cream Day discounts and gifts

Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Day deal

Get $5 off any in-store or online purchase of $15 or more at Baskin-Robbins starting on Sunday and continuing through July 23.

For online purchases, enter the promo code BECOOLER at checkout. To receive the offer in ice cream shops, scan a coupon from the chain's app.

Discounted Ben & Jerry's ice cream

Join the Ben & Jerry's Flavor Fanatics Club to receive a 10% discount on all in-store and takeout orders. To register, you'll need both a phone number and an email address.

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