The management group for Tony Dow retracts a statement about his passing.

Tony Dow, the star of "Leave It to Beaver," is still alive despite a statement from his management claiming otherwise.

The actor and filmmaker, who is best known for portraying Beaver Cleaver's steadfast elder brother Wally, was still receiving hospice care on Tuesday.

Despite a statement from his management agency on Tuesday claiming he had passed away, Tony Dow, the actor and director best remembered for portraying Wally Cleaver in the enduring series "Leave It to Beaver," is still alive, according to his family.

The demise of "our dear Tony this morning" was announced on Dow's official Facebook page, but the post has already been taken down.

Christopher Dow, the actor's son, texted NBC News on Thursday afternoon to inform them that his father is still "on hospice and in his dying hours."

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He is surrounded by family and friends, according to Christopher Dow. We appreciate you remembering us in your prayers at this trying time.

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