Lady Gaga confirms that she and Joaquin Phoenix will co-star in the "Joker" sequel.

Folie à deux, will feature the triple threat actor opposite Joaquin Phoenix.

The revelation was shared on social media on Thursday.

The caption of the image, which has a black-and-red video of Phoenix and Gaga's shadows coming together

Also announces the release date of the sequel: October 4, 2024.

Although Gaga's presence in the movie hasn't been made public, it's rumoured that she'll play Harley Quinn

The Joker's companion in crime and psychiatrist at the insane asylum.

The third current interpretation of the character would be Gaga's portrayal of the notorious first lady of the Clown Prince of Crime.

In the DC Comics Extended Universe, Margot Robbie portrays Harley in the Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey films

And Kaley Cuoco provides the voice of the infamous villain in the animated series Harley Quinn on HBO Max.

Following Gaga's acclaimed performance in 2021's House of Gucci and her Oscar-nominated performance in 2018's version of A Star Is Born

The Joker sequel would be released.

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