According to the park, Knott's Berry Farm closed down when numerous teen fights broke out.

After conflicts break out, Knott's Berry Farm closes; two people are hospitalised.

Police were informed by callers who claimed to have heard gunshots, however officers who arrived on the scene found no evidence of a shooting.

After numerous clashes at the park were reportedly reported, Knott's Berry Farm was closed down Saturday night, according to the authorities.

Two of the three patients who received paramedics' care and transportation to a nearby hospital.

Officers arrived on the site quickly after hearing reports of gunfire, according to the Buena Park Police Department.

Multiple fights were taking place in the park when police arrived, according to Buena Park Police Department Sgt. Chad Weaver.

The theme park tweeted an update, saying, "Due to unforeseen circumstances, Knott's Berry Farm is now closed, Saturday, July 16."

Knott's Berry Farm Closes Following Numerous Fights and Possible Gunfire in Park

After numerous fights break out, Knott's Berry Farm was evacuated and shut down.

After an apparent drive-by shooting left two teenagers injured at the park entrance, Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park reopened.

Photos of a probable suspect's automobile and drive-by gunshot outside Knott's Berry Farm are released by the police.

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