While Kevin Hart can't help but roast his Super-Pets co-star, The Rock, for buying his mother a house, the praise is all his.

Since they've been working together for almost ten years, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have developed a friendship that most on-screen couples can only dream of.

During the press tour for their most recent collaboration, DC League of Super-Pets, Hart and Johnson also shared some amusing jabs at one another.

Johnson does make some jabs, but Hart has always had the best satire and comic timing.

Nothing is off bounds, even The Rock's recent purchase of a completely furnished home for his mother, which his co-star brutally attack him for.

During an interview with Extra, the Super-Pets co-stars engaged in their customary mocking banter. Kevin Hart shared the entire exchange on his Instagram because he was so amused by it.

The Rock purchasing his mother a house obviously impacted the interviewer, but the comedian couldn't help but deflate the idea by pointing out how long his co-star has had money:

"About time. A billion dollars later, he finally bought his mom a house. Should we clap for that? I think the whole room is thinking the same thing. It’s about fucking time. ‘Hey, mom! Look what I got you. You can get out of that duplex.’"

He had actually bought his mother a number of residences over the years after her divorce from his father, including this most recent one.

However, Kevin Hart was unable to resist adding more jokes to the dialogue, and, let's be honest, did you really expect him to let up at this point?

Being the comedian that he is, Hart couldn't resist taking another jab at The Rock. After hearing the actor's defence, he addressed the mother of the wrestler-turned-actor in a hilarious and forceful manner:

‘Open your eyes, Mom!’

Actors that can bust each other's chops like this are simply irresistible.

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