Amber Heard submits an official notice of appeal against the defamation judgement against Johnny Depp.

According to documents the actress' legal team submitted on Thursday to the Virginia Court of Appeals.

Amber Heard has officially appealed the judgement in her multi-million dollar defamation case against her former spouse Johnny Depp.

On Thursday, the legal team for the Aquaman actress filed papers with the Virginia Court of Appeals, arguing that mistakes during the trial prevented a "just and fair decision."

A representative for Heard stated, "We feel the court committed errors that prohibited a just and equitable verdict consistent with the First Amendment."

"Therefore, we are appealing the judgement.

While we are aware that today's filing will set Twitter ablaze, we nevertheless need to take action to ensure justice and fairness.

The judge in their defamation case issued a written judgement, ordering Heard to pay $10.35 million (£8.43 million) for harming the Pirates of the Caribbean actor's reputation.

When the jury decided in favour of Depp, the actress said she was "heartbroken" and "disappointed beyond words."

She said that a "campaign" of online harassment and everyday threats of her murder had left her feeling "harassed, humiliated, and terrified every single day."

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