John Legend reveals that his friendship with Kanye West came to an end due to his support of Donald Trump.

Kanye West's public backing of Donald Trump and subsequent 2020 presidential campaign, as described by John Legend, caused a rift in their friendship.

Legend admitted during an appearance on The Axe Files podcast with CNN's David Axelrod that "we aren't buddies as much as we used to be." 

"Sincerely, I believe that he supported Trump since we had a public disagreement about his candidacy for office. 

I believe it got to be too much for us to keep our friendship going."

Kanye attracted attention for his overt backing of Trump during his contentious presidency.

Legend, along with his wife Chrissy Teigen, was one of the most vocally critical of Trump among celebrities, so all of this did not sit well with them.

However, Legend asserted that he thought West's 2020 presidential campaign and Legend's decision not to endorse it put an end to their long-standing friendship.

For reasonable reasons, I didn't support his bid for the presidency of the United States of America

"He wasn't amused by the fact that I wasn't alone in this, though. We haven't really been close since then."

Instead of criticising  Kanye West, Legend stated that he believes the Donda artist is honest and up front with his beliefs

Even when they are met with opposition, and that he does not try to hide himself from the public for both good and bad.

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