After allies refused to vote on a relief bill, Italian Premier Mario Draghi announced his resignation.

The president rejected the resignation of Italian Premier Draghi.

Draghi Doesn't Become President of Italy, and That's Good for Europe

After the impasse over the presidential election is resolved, Draghi will continue as Italy's prime minister.

The resignation offer from Prime Minister Borne was rejected by French President Macron.

Mario Draghi, the premier of Italy, informed his cabinet that he will tender his resignation on Thursday night.

Following a populist coalition ally's refusal to endorse a crucial government package, Italian Premier Mario Draghi has informed his Cabinet that he would submit his resignation to the country's president on Thursday evening.

Draghi said in a statement that "the majority of national unity that has sustained this administration from its foundation doesn't exist any longer."

The leader of a small pro-European party, Emma Bonino, stated that being in a government "is not like picking up a menu and saying, antipasto, no, gelato, yes.

"We've got the pandemic, we got the war, we have inflation, we have the energy crisis. So certainly this is not a good moment," Orsina said. "And also because Mattarella believes, rightly, that his mission is to safeguard stability."

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