Sorvino, Paul actor from "Goodfellas," "Law & Order," and father of Mira Sorvino passed away at age 83.

Paul Sorvino, an actor best known for his roles in Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas and the first two seasons of the NBC drama Law & Order, passed away today from natural causes.

He had been battling health problems for the past several years. He was 83.

His publicist Roger Neal made the announcement on behalf of Sorvino's wife Dee Dee Sorvino, who was by his side when he died away.

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Born in Brooklyn on April 13, 1939, Paul Anthony Sorvino has been in a number of movies, including Goodfellas, Nixon, Dick Tracy, The Rocketeer,

 For the Love of Money, That Championship Season, Reds, A Touch of Class, and Oh, God! He appeared in That Championship Season on Broadway as well as Seasons 2 and 3 of Law & Order on television.

Before making his Broadway debut in the 1964 musical Bajour, Sorvino began his career as an advertising copywriter in an advertising agency.

He later attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

When Carl Reiner's cult classic Where's Poppa? with George Segal and Ruth Gordon came out six years later, he made an appearance in it

 The following year, in 1971, he played a supporting role in the critically acclaimed movie The Panic in Needle Park alongside a young Al Pacino, who was playing his first lead role in a feature.

Also starring Segal, Sorvino had a noteworthy supporting role in the Best Picture Oscar-nominated movie A Touch of Class. 

In 1981, Sorvino co-starred in Reds, the first of three films he made with close friend and fellow actor Warren Beatty.

Sorvino's performance in Jason Miller's 1972 Broadway drama That Championship Season garnered favourable reviews and earned him a Tony nomination.

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