Harry Styles Leaving Music After Landing a $100M, 5-Movie Deal With Marvel?

Is Harry Styles putting his music career on hold in order to pursue his acting goals?

The 28-year-old former member of One Direction makes his Marvel debut as a superhero in the 2021 fantasy action-adventure movie "Eternals" in a breathtaking mid-credits entrance.

It appears that the "Watermelon Sugar" hitmaker will make a significant comeback in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as an action figure.

Superman will use his abilities to save the planet, which is wonderful news for his fans who hope to see more of his performances on film.

The Sun reports that Styles is getting ready for a more dramatic comeback to the MCU as he is anticipated to sign a $100 million deal to produce five more movies with the studio.

As Eros, also known as Starfox and Thanos' brother, Styles would also be seen repeating his role in the film.

An insider claims that the studio is thinking about casting the singer-actor in up to five different motion picture projects.

According to a Los Angeles-based movie specialist, Marvel Studios has been monitoring Harry Styles for the previous 18 months.

Image Credit - Marvel

He is not only the biggest pop artist at the moment, but his star is so enormous that it goes beyond both music and film.

Harry has the Midas touch and will do a great job of attracting new audiences and impressing veteran comic book fans with his talent.

The insider claims that Harry Styles will certainly grow to be one of Hollywood's most sought-after leading men as a result of the release of two new movies this year.

The five rumoured Harry Styles movies have not yet been officially confirmed by Marvel Studios as of this writing.

One thing is certain, though: Kevin Feige has stated that he will reprise his role as Eros.

At Comic-Con last week, Kevin spoke with MTV News (via Billboard) about the upcoming movie starring Styles.

For us, "The Adventures of Eros and Pip" is quite exciting.

The head of Marvel added, "We've entered the world of street-level heroes with the announcement of Daredevil and, of course, Spider-Man.

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