3 individuals are killed in a mall shooting in Indiana, according to authorities

At least four people were killed in a shooting at a mall in Greenwood, Indiana, on Sunday night, including the alleged shooter, who was, according to authorities, shot by an armed bystander.

"The real hero of the day is the citizen that was lawfully carrying a firearm in that food court and was able to stop the shooter almost as soon as he began." — Greenwood Police Chief Jim Ison

Greenwood Park Mall massacre left 4 people dead and 2 injured; according to authorities, the shooter was killed by a "good Samaritan."

Two additional people were shot and are currently receiving medical attention at nearby hospitals, according to Greenwood Police Chief James Ison.

According to Greenwood Police Department Chief Jim Ison, numerous 911 calls about a gunman at the Greenwood Park Mall were made at 6:00 p.m. local time.

Investigators think the adult male gunman, who has not been named, was shot and killed by a 22-year-old guy who was lawfully armed and "saw the shooting in progress," according to Ison.

According to Harding, who spoke to CNN affiliate WISH, "the next thing you know, you hear about six more bullets and you see everybody running." arding declared that she doesn't anticipate returning to a mall "for a very long time."

Although law enforcement had not yet removed any firearms from the site when Ison spoke to media, he claimed that the shooter appeared to have used a long-gun rifle.

According to Gun Violence Archive, a website like CNN, there have been 350 mass shootings this year.

There are no longer any dangers once SWAT forces have evacuated the mall.

"This tragedy hits at the core of our community," Greenwood Mayor Mark Meyers said

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