On Thursday, Gigi Hadid posted on Instagram that her new knitwear line, Guest in Residence, would be debuting.

In a string of images posted to Instagram on Thursday, Hadid gave fans a sneak glimpse at her upcoming project.

Fashion designer is now on Gigi Hadid's resume!

The 27-year-old supermodel shared details of her latest endeavour on Instagram on Thursday, saying that she is developing a clothing line called Guest in Residence.

Hadid provided followers with an inside look into the production of her knitwear line through a carousel of images posted to the social networking site

As well as a few samples from her upcoming collection.

"I've been working on a..." Hadid, 27, posted pictures of herself working diligently.

Revealing peeks of various cashmere swatches and designs, such as a grey pyjama set, an orange crewneck jumper, and a lavender hoodie.

Hailey Bieber said in the comments, "so happy about this," while Bella Hadid added

"what we've all been waiting for," expressing their support for Hadid.

The Mayor of Snuggletown, according to former InStyle Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown, and "looks so soft," according to Ashley Park.

I've always appreciated your designer side more than the model side, said one fan.

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