WHO Announces an Ebola-Like Marburg Outbreak in Ghana

The virus is thought to be highly contagious and spreads between individuals through direct contact with surfaces and bodily fluids of infected individuals.

After labs verified the illnesses in two cases reported earlier this month, the World Health Organization has proclaimed Ghana's first epidemic of the sickness caused by the Marburg virus, which is similar to Ebola.

Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa, stated that "health authorities have moved rapidly, obtaining a head start on preparation for a prospective outbreak."

According to WHO, more than 90 contacts, including community members and health professionals, have been found and are being watched.

Marburg has the potential to be exceedingly dangerous and fatal: In previous epidemics, case mortality rates have ranged from 24 to 88 percent.

After Guinea verified a single case discovered in August, this outbreak is only the second time the disease has been identified in West Africa.

According to the WHO, previous Marburg outbreaks and lone cases have been reported in Angola, Congo, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda.

Marburg, which can spread from infected animals like bats, has no known cure or vaccination.

Ghana reports its first-ever outbreak and confirms two cases of the Marburg virus.

Ghana has reported its first-ever Marburg virus outbreak, according to a statement issued on Sunday by the World Health Organization's Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

The Marburg virus, which was originally identified in 1967, makes people very sickly.

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