There are extreme heat advisories in force in 28 US states.

While Biden chooses not to declare a climate emergency, 100 million Americans are forced to endure sweltering weather.

More than 100 million people in the US will experience excessive heat this week, according to the National Weather Service.

"Much of the US will experience temperatures above average through the end of the week.

28 states have heat warnings and advisories in place, with the central and southern regions feeling the brunt of the oppressive heat.

This week, temperatures in the Dallas region topped 109F, while other areas of Oklahoma reached 115F (46C) (42C).

Heat-related emergency calls have increased this year, according to Tulsa, Oklahoma, emergency medical services.

Adam Paluka from the department told CNN that it was "extremely alarming."

City officials have issued warnings to residents in the northeast where temperatures are expected to reach more than 90F (32C) during the day.

For Thursday, Philadelphia declared a "heat health emergency" and established a "heatline" number for citizens to call.

Boston has erected community centres and swimming pools so that locals can cool off.

Our health is clearly at risk due to a changing environment, Boston mayor Michelle Wu said on Wednesday.

"This week, I urge everyone to be safe and comfortable, and to check on their neighbours."

An severe heat warning was in effect for Thursday and Friday in Phoenix, the hottest city in America.

On Thursday afternoon, the temperature is expected to reach 113F (45C), and on Friday afternoon, 115F (46C).

Only when temperatures are greater than normal for the season are heat advisories issued; in Phoenix in July, this entails temperatures above 112F.

Nine nighttime low records and four daytime high records have been broken or tied in the city so far this year.

Record-breaking heat continues to fry the central US in potentially fatal ways.

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