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In light of accusations that Sebastian Bear-McClard cheated on his wife Emily, would they be divorced?

Sebastian Bear-McClard, Emily Ratajkowski's husband, is claimed to have cheated on her, and she intends to file for divorce as a result, according to sources.

Although neither party has publicly confirmed or disputed the allegations, a source close to the couple told Page Six that the couple had broken up.

The insider said, "Yeah, he cheated." "He consistently cheats. It stinks. He's a canine."

Ratajkowski does not appear to have filed any paperwork yet, and the divorce has not yet been recorded in the judicial system.

On Thursday, Ratajkowski was seen without her wedding band as the couple was out on a walk, which initially fuelled breakup rumours.

The duo hasn't been publicly spotted together in a while, according to fans.

The model and My Body author, who had only two weeks before made their love public, wed her Bear-McClard in a judicial ceremony in February 2018.

Sylvester Apollo, their first child, was born to Ratajkowski in March 2021.

The American actor and producer Sebastian and the British-born model have been married since 2018 and have one child together, but their marriage is reportedly on the rocks.

According to sources, Emily Ratajkowski has decided to end her four-year marriage to actor Sebastian Bear-McClard and is considering a divorce.

He cheated, a pal of the model ruthlessly admitted to PageSix. He consistently cheats. It stinks. He's a canine.

In 2018, Emily and Sebastian shocked their supporters by revealing they had secretly wed.

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