Release date for the upcoming Britney Spears album with Elton John has been revealed.

Hollywood Life claims that the two musical greats got together last week in Beverly Hills, California, to work on a duet.

The song would be a redo of the British singer's 1972 smash "Tiny Dancer," but this time, the Princess of Pop would perform the lead vocals.

According to an individual who talked with the magazine, Spears is a tremendous fan of the legend and the initiative was John's idea.

The source also disclosed the early reactions of those who had the greatest honour of hearing the song before it was released.

The insider claimed that after hearing the new music, "everyone is freaking out" at their record label.

"It is excellent. They claim that this song will be the summer's anthem "Added they.

As at the time of this writing, neither Elton John nor Britney Spears have verified the veracity of the rumours.

After years of not releasing any music, Spears would make a comeback if the partnership turned out to be real.

"They've already played it for their record label's staff, and everyone is in a frenzy. It is very fantastic," the person added. They predict that this song will become the summertime anthem.

The 'phenomenal' new remix of 'Tiny Dancer' by Britney Spears and Elton John will be her first brand-new song since 2016!

“The idea for the song was Elton’s idea and he reached out to Britney to personally ask her,” they said.

She also wanted to do it as a thank you to her supporters for all they have done for her, they continued.

Referring to the #FreeBritney army, which waged a fierce battle to have her liberated from the 13-year conservatorship that her father, Jamie Spears, 70, had imposed on her.

Elton released a remix of "Cold Heart" in 2021 with 26-year-old Dua Lipa.

It later went on to win the Top Dance/Electronic Song 2021 Billboard Music Award.

"Elton and Britney have known one other for a long time. After discussing it with him, they both agreed that "Tiny Dancer" was the ideal fit because she admired what Elton had done with Dua Lipa.

A source close to Britney reportedly said, "Even though she adored being back in the studio.

She has not yet launched herself into a full-fledged music career. Before releasing more music, she wants to gauge how everyone responds to this one.

The source continued, "Everyone who has heard rough cuts from it says it is going to be great, even though specifics on the track itself are scarce.

She sung from the bottom of her heart, giving it a more authentic sound while maintaining her own style.

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