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Drake Wasn't Arrested at a Club; He Was Just at His Hotel in Stockholm

Social media erupted with news that some of Toronto's best had been detained in Sweden. Police claimed he wasn't being held, but his team claimed he was merely in his room.

It was untrue to say that Drake had been detained in Sweden.

The Daily Beast has learned that Drake is not even in detention, despite social media allegations that he was detained for marijuana possession in Stockholm, Sweden.

The rapper was not being held by the police, according to Swedish police, who would not confirm if he had been arrested.

A spokeswoman stated, "I cannot tell you anything about that, but I can affirm he is not in prison."

The announcement comes as Drake's camp verified to The Hollywood Reporter that the rapper had not been detained, contrary to earlier reports that he had been taken away by police at a Stockholm nightclub.

The Grammy winner was reportedly in his hotel in the Swedish city and had not been detained, according to his crew, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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