Lear To Build   Container Home In 7 Steps 

STEP #01 : Drawing A Floor Plan 

For successful results, drawing a floor plan is the initial step. Keep the design straightforward and start with an effective floor plan arrangement.

STEP #02 : Purchasing Shiping Container 

Three criteria can classify a container as a shipping container. Size, type, and shipping-container condition.

STEP #03 : Siting And Foundations 

To elevate the container off the ground and away from moisture to prevent rust, corrosion, and dampness, a proper foundation is crucial.

STEP #04 : Opening And Modification

Create Openings like windows, ventilations, doo 

STEP #05 : Framing And Partition

Plasterboards cannot be directly attached to the corrugated steel walls of shipping containers since they are constructed of steel and rope.

STEP #06 : Electrical Wiring And Plumbing

Do it yourself or find professional who can provide service for Electric Wiring And Plumbing 

STEP #07 : Insulation And Temperature Control

The most important phase of constructing a shipping container home is controlling the temperature.

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