Deshaun Watson has a six-game suspension for sexual misconduct.

Deshaun Watson, the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, has been sentenced to a six-game suspension without pay

By NFL disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson, the league confirmed on Monday to NPR.

The penalty came after 24 women accused Watson of sexual misconduct, resulting in legal lawsuits and Watson's suspension until 2021. 

 In June, Watson resolved 20 of the complaints brought against him.

According to Robinson's ruling, the six-game suspension is "the most serious punishment ever given on an NFL player for charges of non-violent sexual conduct."

"Mr. Watson's pattern of conduct is more heinous than any previously reviewed by the NFL," it was further said.

According to NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy in an email to NPR - 

Deshaun Watson has a six-game suspension for sexual misconduct.

 Watson was found guilty of "several infractions of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy" by Robinson.

She specifically claimed that the NFL had established that Watson had committed acts of sexual assault

(as the NFL defines it), conduct endangering others, and conduct undermining the league's integrity.

Some of the more than 60 massage therapists that Watson worked with over the course of a 15-month period

From late 2019 through the winter of 2021, were the ones who levelled the charges against him.

According to Robinson, Watson "had a sexual intent — not merely a therapeutic reason" when scheduling massage appointments.

According to Robinson, there is enough evidence to show that Mr. Watson was aware

Or should have been aware that any touch between his penis and these therapists was not desired.

Two grand juries in Texas earlier this year decided not to indict Watson on any criminal charges, paving the way for his eventual comeback to the field of play.

Through the NFL Players Association, Watson has three days to appeal the ruling. The league itself may appeal on its own behalf.

The NFL claims it will decide what happens next after examining Judge Robinson's decision to impose a six-game suspension.