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Superman and Krypto the Super-Dog are inseparable best friends who work together to battle crime in Metropolis. They both possess the same superpowers. When Superman is abducted, Krypto must learn to control his own abilities in order to conduct a rescue operation.

Image Credit - DC & Warnerbros

The Rock and Kevin Hart Celebrate Their Reunion With Some NSFW Jokes in "DC's League of Super-Pets"

Many comic book enthusiasts might not be convinced by the way that Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart portrayed Krypto and Ace in DC League of Super-Pets.

A brand-new DC League of Super-Pets featurette that showcases how effectively their on-screen banter translates in animated form has just been released by the studio.

The brief also has snippets from the other voice performers in the movie. Along with Diego Luna (Chip), Natasha Lyonne (Merton McSnurtle), Kate McKinnon, and Vanessa Bayer (Lulu)

But McKinnon asserts that the secret to crafting characters that audiences will remember is to cast actors like Hart and Johnson.

On July 29, DC League of Super-Pets will be released in theatres.

– DirectorsJared Stern Sam Levine – WritersJared Stern John Whittington – StarsDwayne Johnson(voice) Kevin Hart(voice) Vanessa Bayer(voice)

Voice-Over Artist Behind The Animated Upcoming Movie - Super-Pets

Dwayne Johnson – Krypto – (voice)

Kevin Hart – Ace – (voice)– (voice)

Vanessa Bayer – PB – (voice)

Natasha Lyonne – Merton – (voice)

Diego Luna – Chip – (voice)

John Krasinski – Superman – (voice)

Marc Maron – Lex Luthor – (voice)

Keanu Reeves – Batman – (voice)

John Early – The Flash – (voice)

Jameela Jamil – Wonder Woman – (voice)

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