Constance Wu shared that she made an attempt at suicide in 2019 upon her comeback to Twitter after a nearly three-year sabbatical.

Constance Wu, an actress, returned to social media on Thursday after taking a nearly three-year hiatus to reveal that she had attempted suicide in 2019 following a string of unfavourable tweets.

Because she "nearly lost [her] life from it," she wanted to share her experience in order to initiate a larger discussion about mental health among Asian Americans.

She added that after surviving her suicide attempt, she decided to take a break from performing in order to concentrate on her mental health.

But she went on to say that she was now going back to social media "to tell (her) story so that it can help someone with their tale."

"We need to let all of ourselves be seen, including the parts we're terrified of or ashamed of — portions that, however imperfect, deserve care and attention," she wrote. "If we want to be seen, genuinely seen... we need to allow all of ourselves be seen."

Wu just made a guest appearance on Chris Pratt's Amazon Prime comedy "The Terminal List," and she also co-stars with Javier Bardem in the upcoming family movie "Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile."

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