Sean Kanan Returns To The "Miyagi-Verse" In "Cobra Kai" Season 5; New Sensei Alicia Hannah-Kim Makes Debut In First Look Pictures

Sean Kanan, who played Mike Barnes in The Karate Kid Part III, is back in the "Miyagi-Verse" for Season 5 of Cobra Kai

While Alicia Hannah-Kim is making her acting debut as South Korean sensei Kim Da-Eun.

New Cobra Kai Season 5 Images Show a Legacy Character Returning

In September, the popular Netflix series Karate Kid will return, and a particular bad kid will be there.

The fourth season of Cobra Kai finished with several shocking cliffhangers.

The new content gives "Cobra Kai" viewers a preview of the events of the future season

First Look at 'Cobra Kai' Season 5 Teases Mike Barnes' Return from 'Karate Kid III'

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