Carlos Sainz bemoans how long it took to save him from a flaming Ferrari during the Austrian Grand Prix.

The "extremely unexpected" engine blow-up at the Austrian Grand Prix, which resulted in "a lot of fire," devastated Carlos Sainz.

The F1 Austrian Grand Prix engine blow-up was "extremely abrupt," and there was "a lot of fire," breaking Carlos Sainz's heart.

“There was no feedback coming from the engine that this was about to happen,” Sainz explained.

“[It was] very sudden. I’m lost for words because it’s a big loss on points, and a huge result for the team. I think it would have been an easy 1-2 today.”

Sainz replied: “Fire. A lot of fire. A lot of damage for sure, which is not ideal and something that we will need look at.

As a result, Sainz drops to fourth place in the drivers' standings, 75 points behind Verstappen for the world championship, while Ferrari trails Red Bull in the constructors' standings by 56 points.

Sainz first appeared in danger of being overcome by the flames at the Red Bull Ring before he was able to escape.

During a dramatic engine blow-out during Sunday's Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg, Carlos Sainz on Sunday night criticised the length of time it took to extract him from his fire-engulfed Ferrari.

DISASTER FOR FERRARI!   Carlos Sainz is out of the race with engine failure! The Ferrari is on fire with flames pouring out. - Sky Sports F1 Tweeted

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The destroyed remnants of Sainz's vehicle and engine

Strangely, [the throttle issue] occurred at the same time [as Sainz's retirement], according to Leclerc. Because the pedal felt strange rather than the engine, I knew there was no mechanical issue. Fortunately, it continued right up to the finish line.

Verstappen was 1.5 seconds behind Leclerc when he crossed the finish line, while Lewis Hamilton was 40 seconds behind him.

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