Release information, the cast, and more for "Bullet Train."

The new humorous action film Bullet Train features Brad Pitt in the title character.

The novel by Ktar Isaka, Bullet Train, which was previously released in 2010 under the title Maria Beetle, served as the inspiration for the movie.

The plot follows five assassins who discover there is a secret connection between the assignments they have all been given while riding the same bullet train through Japan.

David Leitch, the director of Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2, who started off as a stuntman and even doubled for Brad Pitt in Fight Club, is behind the camera for Bullet Train.

The Bullet Train movie is covered in depth by Newsweek as the highly anticipated movie's release date approaches.

When Will Bullet Train Be Available?

On Friday, August 5, Bullet Train will be shown for the first time in American theatres.

The movie was originally scheduled for release in April 2022, but it was later moved to the summer.

Who Is in the Cast of Bullet Train?

The star-studded ensemble of Bullet Train includes Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt's co-star from The Lost City, as Maria Beetle, and Brad Pitt, who plays Ladybug.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, known for his work on Kick Ass, and Brian Tyree Henry, from Atlanta, both appear in the movie and play Tangerine and Lemon, respectively.

As is Joey King from The Act, who portrays The Prince, and Logan Lerman from Hunters (playing The Son).

In March 2022, a Bullet Train trailer was published.

Given that the majority of the actors is from Western nations, Bullet Train has drawn criticism for purportedly "whitewashing" Japanese culture.