Kevin Federline is called "cruel" by Britney Spears' attorney for violating the singer's privacy.

After Kevin Federline allegedly uploaded footage of what looked to be his two boys yelling at the singer, Britney Spears' attorney has come forward.

Responses to Kevin Federline's allegations are being made by Britney Spears and her staff.

Federline allegedly posted recordings of his two sons arguing with their mother on Instagram from nearly four years ago on August 10.

"After everything my sons have gone through, I can't just watch as they are accused in this way. 

We decided as a family to broadcast these recordings, despite how much it hurts "Federline captioned the since-deleted videos 

Spears hasn't made any comments about the video in public, but her lawyer Mathew Rosengart spoke up to sup

In a statement to E! News, Rosengart stated Britney has "faithfully supported her children and she loves them dearly."

"Whether or not he understands it, Mr. Federline has harmed the privacy and dignity of his children's mother in addition to his own, whose privacy he should safeguard.

Aside from his ITV interview, Mr. Federline made the poor choice to share an old video of his 11- and 12-year-old children, which was cruel and deplorable."

Federline told ITV News earlier this month that his sons "have chosen they are not seeing" Spears at the moment in an interview that will soon be made public.

Federline reportedly stated, "It's been a few months since they've seen her," as reported by the Mail on Sunday, which cited specialists.

Spears, who wed Sam Asghari in June, responded on Instagram with the following statement:

"My ex-decision husband's to talk about the bond between me and my children makes me sad to hear.

It is never simple to raise teenage boys, as we all know."

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