The 7-year-old is flying to France for the BMX World Championships, reports Kea Kids.

During lockdown, Matatini Hill, age 7, began riding a BMX bike.

In 2022, Matatini Hill will compete in the BMX World Championship in France.

Bulldog BMX racers competing for the world title.

Bike riders Eddie and Archie Smallman, Alex Hemmings, and Sophie Kynaston (back holding flag)

Belgian BMX Freestyle champion Roberts.

Hannah Roberts won the Urban Sessions Brussels UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup on Sunday, demonstrating that she has not let injuries hold her down.

BMX Racing World Championships in 2022, UCI

Format Changes for the 2022 UCI BMX World Championships

Glasgow BMX Centre, Glasgow West End, will host the 2022 UCI BMX Racing World Cup.

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