The tragically famous Marilyn Monroe is portrayed by Ana de Armas in the "Blonde" movie trailer.

In his NC-17-rated movie, Andrew Dominik reinvents the late cinematic classic.

Marilyn Monroe is navigating Hollywood's "Asphalt Jungle" one mistake at a time.

Ana de Armas portrays Marilyn Monroe in the "Blonde" trailer, reinterpreting the legacy of the late screen legend.

The relationships between "Some Like It Hot" actress and Joe DiMaggio, "The Ex-Athlete" (Bobby Cannavale),

On December 21, the movie has its theatrical debut.

In the movie "Blonde," which is based on the book by Joyce Carol Oates, "The Playwright" Arthur Miller (Adrien Brody) and infamously "The President" John F. Kennedy are used as frames (Caspar Phillipson).

On September 23, the movie made its Netflix debut.

Leading lady de Armas called the casting of herself as a Cuban actress playing American legend Monroe "groundbreaking."

De Armas admitted that when he initially put on the wigs for his part as Monroe, "I think I actually cried."

Most likely because of my fear. But I'm incredibly proud.

In the latest trailer for "Blonde," Marilyn Monroe struggles with the pressure of being "Marilyn Monroe."

The latest trailer for the upcoming Netflix movie Blonde shows Ana de Armas's portrayal of Marilyn Monroe breaking down.

The first complete trailer for Blonde, the divisive Marilyn Monroe film starring Ana de Armas, has been made available on Netflix.

"I guess they discovered me. She claims, "You're meant to get used to it, and I know that, but I can't.

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