Armie Hammer accepted a job as a timeshare salesman to earn money to "support" his family after his career in Hollywood was destroyed by sexual assault charges.

Because he is "absolutely broke," Armie Hammer has apparently accepted a position as a timeshare salesman at Morritt's Resort in the Cayman Islands.

According to reports, 35-year-old Armie Hammer accepted a position as a timeshare marketer in the Cayman Islands because he is "completely broke."

The actor, 35, is reportedly "working at a cubicle," according to a source who also said, "The reality is he's utterly broke, and is attempting to fill the days and earn money to feed his family."

The actor, according to a source, "is working at a cubicle," and he "is attempting to fill the days and make money to feed his family,"

Oh well, it seems like Armie Hammer is actually marketing timeshares for a hotel in the Cayman Islands after all.

Hawking Timeshares in the Cayman Islands is Armie Hammer's Next Act.

After all, Armie Hammer is a timeshare salesperson in the Cayman Islands.

According to one source, the hotel was attempting to defend Hammer, who is actually employed as a timeshare salesperson.

Fans React to Armie Hammer's Shameful Sales Job in the Cayman Islands

For the first time since rape charges, Armie Hammer is seen dining out in the Cayman Islands.

Armie Hammer makes his first public appearance since announcing that he has finished his rehabilitation following the accusations.

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