According to her agent, Anne Heche is in a coma after ramming her automobile into a Los Angeles residence.

According to the spokesperson, the actor is in severe condition and is dependent on mechanical ventilation. She also has burns that require surgery.

Despite early reports that she was stable, Anne Heche fell into a coma after colliding with a house last week and is now in critical condition

Heche suffers burns that require surgery as well as "severe" pulmonary injuries that necessitate mechanical ventilation.

Following the accident on August 5 in the Mar Vista district of Los Angeles just before 11 a.m., Heche, 53, was taken to the hospital

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, a "major fire" that involved the car and residence and "stubborn flames" took nearly 60 firemen more than an hour to put out.

Heche could face misdemeanour DUI and hit-and-run charges if it is determined that she was under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

Police in Los Angeles acquired a warrant on Friday to draw her blood. 

Pictures taken on Friday at the scene show Heche's blue Mini Cooper heavily torched and the front of the house completely damaged.

Heche was operating alone and there were no additional injuries, according to fire officials.