The progressive prosecutors who promise not to uphold abortion restrictions say, "This is not hopeless."

US physicians and healthcare professionals are preparing for the obstacles that are unavoidable as last-ditch legal efforts to stop abortion bans throughout southern states fail to influence the courts.

The Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will have a significant impact on how many different illnesses and medical conditions are treated, including how miscarriages and cancers that develop during pregnancy are handled.

Those who support abortion rights and medical organisations have issued warnings about the damage that a ban may inflict to pregnant patients who suffer from a variety of illnesses and conditions.

The only abortion facility in the state of Mississippi, Jackson Women's Health Organization, requested a temporary restraining order.

When a potential client arrives at the Jackson Women's Health Organization clinic in Mississippi, anti-abortion protesters yell at them.

As Mississippi's nearly complete prohibition on the operation takes effect, the state's lone abortion facility has closed.

Courts across the US are currently hearing disputes over the prohibitions it brought about.

"It was crazy busy, for obvious reasons," Dr Cheryl Hamlin, who worked at the clinic, told the BBC. "It was definitely a full day, and it was emotional on the way out."

However, those opposed to abortion chanted prayers and danced outside the clinic.

Several US states outlawed abortion mere hours after Roe v. Wade was reversed.

The White House advises users of period monitoring apps in states where abortion is prohibited to "be exceedingly vigilant."

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