The dates of the music event were September 17–18.

On social media, the event posted a statement explaining that it had been postponed "due to circumstances beyond [their] control."

The dates of the music event were September 17–18.

Artists spoke with CBS46 to confirm that they were informed by festival organisers that the cancellation was due to worries about gun safety.

According to Uni Hunte, "what was immediately told to us through multiple sources was because of gun safety."

On Monday morning, according to Awfbeat, Music Midtown confirmed the cancellation.

According to Grant Glazier, the second member of Awfbeat, "the initial reaction was sadness simply because we have been working on a great product we were anxious to share with everyone."

2CHainz, who was also interviewed by CBS46, claimed he only found out about the cancellation on Monday.

The processing of refunds will take seven to ten days. Contact Front Gate Tickets with any inquiries.

Social media speculations about the festival's cancellation started on Friday, claiming that Georgia law would bar the festival from prohibiting guns on the premises.

The "Safe Carry Protection Act" was passed by the Georgia legislature in 2014, allowing gun owners to carry concealed guns on public property.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden's gun prohibition was challenged in the same year by a pro-gun group. 

The Garden is located in the same area of Piedmont Park as Music Midtown.

In 2019, the Georgia Supreme Court upheld the Garden's gun restriction, ruling that long-term tenants on public property were permitted to do so.

Music Midtown was one example of a short-term tenant who was not given the same privilege.

The validity of the event to prohibit guns was contested by Phillip Evans, who lost that Garden case. The Garden case's attorney, John Monroe, speaks with CBS 46.