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The farmhouse style has been gaining popularity in interior design for the past several years, but what exactly is the farmhouse style?

Urban farmhouse designs have an inviting, welcoming feel with an overall casual aesthetic that makes them ideal for both rustic and modern living spaces.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the key features that make urban farmhouse design so popular and How you can incorporate urban farmhouse styles into their home decor?

Urban farmhouse design isn’t just the latest craze among designers — it has become an enormously popular style that’s ideal for anyone who loves the beauty of nature and country living in their home, but also appreciates the convenience of modern living close at hand.

This is why farmhouse-style homes are so commonly built in rural areas and suburbs, but also popping up in cities with more rural residents.

It’s an aesthetic that captures both the rustic feel of country living and the coziness of home comforts.

Farmhouse-style decor gives you the feeling of welcoming guests into your home and saying relax here without needing to say it aloud.

The Best Things About Urban Farmhouse; People are often confused about what a farmhouse-style home is, and whether it’s exactly like an urban farmhouse.

The main difference between these two types of homes lies in their location. While farmhouses are found away from cities, on large parcels of land with open fields, urban farmhouses are located within city limits, in residential areas.

When describing a house as farm-like, people generally mean that they have characteristic features such as white siding or shiplap boards, rustic wooden windows, stamped concrete walkways, or corrugated metal roofing that gives them a similar feel to a country home but still maintain their urban vibe.

These characteristics help to balance out more modern details such as sleek stainless steel appliances or trendy hardwood floors.

Although there isn’t really a distinct set of rules for how to design an urban farmhouse, there are some key elements that make up its overall aesthetic.

Here are some examples of those elements and why they work so well together:

Urban farmhouse decor has a distinctly rustic feel thanks to materials like wood, stone, and textiles.

The best way to incorporate urban farmhouse style into your own home is through accessories rather than big remodeling projects.

This will allow you to experiment with different styles without going overboard.

For example, add some vintage planters filled with fresh herbs on your kitchen counter or hang a few handmade quilts above your sofa instead of redecorating your entire living room just yet.

Farmhouse kitchens are typically spacious and airy, featuring plenty of natural light thanks to large windows and skylights.

What Is Uban Farmhouse Design ?

The urban farmhouse style is a fresh take on the classic farmhouse look. It uses natural materials like wood and stone and has simple, clear lines.

In contrast to rural settings, urban farmhouses are frequently seen in cities and suburbs. This makes it simple to get fresh vegetables and other necessities for a farmhouse.

Rooftop gardens and other urban farming ventures are common in urban farmhouses.

The Elements Of The Urban Farmhouse Design, Style And Look

The farmhouse look first caught on back in 2009. Since then, many modern homeowners have made updates to their homes by incorporating some of these elements into their living spaces.

Some of these design features include exposed wood beams, large windows, hardwood floors, and simple yet classic furnishings.

If you want your home to feel like a comfy country cabin that’s also a chic urban retreat, then you might want to incorporate elements of an urban farmhouse-style room into your next renovation project.

Farmhouse design has been a massive trend in interior design for several years now, but if you’re wondering what exactly makes a room urban farmhouse style, there are many elements to consider.

Below are some of those elements that come together to create such an impressive look.

  • Reclaimed wood

  • Barnboard details 

  • Architectural salvage

  • Big comfortable furniture

  • Pine furniture

  • Wrought iron accents

  • Wide plank floors

  • Vintage accessories

In summary, if you want to add a touch of rustic elegance to your home without making any major changes or moving out of town, try adding some of these elements from an urban farmhouse-style room into your decorating plan.

You’ll be amazed at how much more comfortable and cozy your space will feel after making just a few small changes.

The Benefits of Living In An Urban Farmhouse Home

There are many benefits to living in a home with an urban farmhouse-style design.

For one thing, as previously mentioned, many people love the overall aesthetic of such rooms.

How to Incorporate the Best of the Farmhouse Style in Your Home?

The farmhouse design style combines rustic touches, such as weathered wood, distressed brick, and shiplap with a traditional home.

Known for its cozy vibe, high ceilings, and beautiful hardwood floors, farmhouse décor has been popularized by designers like Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

Though there are certain features that are signature to the look (such as French doors), there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate farmhouse elements into your space.

The key is to keep it modern; if you love shiplap but don’t want to go full-blown rustic, try painting it white or off-white for a more sophisticated touch.

Make It Cozy

The first thing most people think about when they think about farmhouse design is coziness—and who doesn’t want their house to feel comfortable?

There are many ways to achieve a cozy atmosphere in your home, from using natural materials like wood and stone, to incorporating smaller pieces throughout your space that create an intimate setting.

One way to do so is through lighting—farmhouse spaces often have multiple lamps scattered throughout them.

Another way is through furniture placement—if you have large windows in one area of your house, place two armchairs facing each other across from them so it feels private while still providing light and views out onto the outside world.

If you’re looking for more tips on how to make your home feel more welcoming, check this out below.

12 Tips For Making Your Home More Welcoming And How To Decorate A House Like Joanna Gaines How To Make Your Home Feel Cozy (Without Breaking The Bank)

  • Create A Cohesive Look With Accents

  • Take Advantage Of Natural Light And Views Whenever Possible

  • Keep Accessories Minimal And Clean

  • Incorporate Rustic Materials

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Modern Furniture With Traditional Pieces

  • Use Large, Exposed Brick Walls 8. Add Color Through Accents

  • Use Wood Throughout Your Space

  • Go For Wide-Plank Flooring

  • Include Wooden Trim

  • Use Wrought Iron Elements

  • Make The Most Of High Ceilings

  • Incorporate Fireplaces

  • Choose A Neutral Wall Color

How to Incorporate This Trend Into Your Home Urban farmhouse style isn’t just about bringing in rustic elements, like distressed wood furniture or baskets of live flowers; it’s about creating a space that makes you feel at home with its welcoming appeal.

The trick to incorporating the urban farmhouse style into your home without turning your abode into a barn is to focus on key features that make farmhouses feel warm, like gorgeous hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, and exposed wooden beams above your kitchen cabinets.

Depending on your aesthetic preference and individual room sizes, you can take several routes when decorating with urban farmhouse-style pieces in mind.

For example, if you have a small living room but want to add some character to it, consider adding an area rug—something as simple as a braided jute rug can go a long way toward making your living room feel cozy and inviting.

For larger rooms, such as those found in many open floor plans, mixing modern furnishings with rustic accents is one way to incorporate farmhouse style without making everything look out of place.

To get started on designing your own urban farmhouse-inspired space, check out these inspiring examples from HGTV’s designers.

Difference Between Urban Farmhouse Design And Farmhouse Designs

In reality, there are many differences between urban farmhouse design and traditional farmhouse style.

That said, both have a similar rustic charm that lends itself to country decor.

The main difference lies in its origins. Traditional farmhouses often date back to at least two centuries ago and are built with heavy materials.

In contrast, urban farmhouses tend to be built from lighter-weight materials such as cinder blocks or brick, so they’re easier to transport from one location to another.

Also, rural farms don’t typically have electricity or indoor plumbing which also differentiates them from modern-day urban homes.

This isn’t to say that true farmhouses don’t exist in big cities—they certainly do! But most of these houses were converted into apartments and condominiums over time.

Farmhouse-style interior design has been popular for decades now but it’s only recently started becoming associated with an urban farmhouse look.

Although we can see why people would assume that since most people who live in city apartments are young professionals looking for a homey feel without sacrificing their desire for modern conveniences like Wi-Fi and stainless steel appliances.

If you ask us, though, urban farmhouse decor is more about incorporating elements of nature into your home than recreating an actual house on a sprawling property somewhere outside of town.

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