A To Z About Rustic Farmhouse [ Style, Ideas, Decor, Ideas & More ]

The rustic farmhouse style gets its name from its roots in traditional, rural farming communities.

Although it can seem like an oxymoron to some, it blends the styles of modern and rustic, giving your home that warm, inviting feel of a country home with the clean lines and minimalism of the modern design.

Rustic farmhouse style brings simplicity, comfort, and coziness to your living space—not to mention a touch of nostalgia! So if you’re looking to add some rustic farmhouse-style ideas to your home, this guide will help you get started with the right understanding you need.

Maybe you think it looks great, or maybe you don’t know what rustic farmhouse style means. Rustic style has become quite popular recently, and it is sometimes hard to know where to start and what’s inside rustic style decor.

In this article, we will be looking at all of these things so that you can find inspiration and ideas when decorating your own home with a rustic farmhouse style.

Difference Between Rustic Homes And Rustic Farmhouse

There are a few key differences between rustic homes and rustic farmhouses that make one more appropriate than another depending on your location.

If you live in a rural area, then a rustic farmhouse is perfect, but if you live in an urban environment it may not be so great. However, you can have a rustic style home, instead of a farmhouse.

Rustic farmhouses were made for living off of a piece of land, but most cities don’t allow that sort of thing anymore.

For city life, try looking into modern farm-style homes or barn-style condos, or lofts instead.

You can find some great ones online or in design magazines like Architectural Digest or Architecture Living. They look similar to rustic farmhouses with their large windows and exposed beams, which allow plenty of light to pour in while keeping with a warm interior aesthetic.

Modern materials such as metal and brick are also popular elements seen in both styles.

In general, all of these styles feature, lots of wood flooring since wood has been historically used during construction to keep bugs out because they would eat away at regular building materials (which is why early residents might have chosen them for their front porches).

It’s worth noting that many antique stores sell remnants from old buildings where rooms have been torn down to make way for new houses or apartments; you could use reclaimed boards from those places to give your apartment a real country vibe.

Brainstorming Rustic Farmhouse Decor And Ideas

When it comes to decorating, working with a rustic style can be tricky. The essential thing about rustic décor is that it has a lived-in feel.

Think of your favorite antique store and you’ll understand what I mean. Every piece in it has its own story, and when something’s been loved for many years, it develops that special appeal.

When you’re decorating with a rustic farmhouse aesthetic, be sure to keep your furnishings simple, clean, and functional. The rustic farmhouse design style is all about being warm and welcoming, but it doesn’t mean filling your home with tons of furniture or brimming knickknacks.

In fact, you want to showcase as little as possible because too much stuff can make a room look cluttered— and that goes against everything rustic farmhouse standard. So be selective when choosing accessories; think about scale and size, especially when dealing with furniture.

Choose two or three pieces at most to anchor each space in your house; no need to get greedy!

Rustic Farmhouse Ideas

A question that is frequently asked or searched on the internet about

How do I incorporate rustic farmhouse ideas into their home?

Well, this is another big topic to discuss, which I’ll be sharing in my upcoming blogs.

For now, I’ll be brief on the subject and give you rough ideas and tips about it.

Replace wallpapers with paint and faux finishes: One thing that defines most country decor styles is natural materials. Wallpapers can be easily replaced by painting your walls or applying faux wood finish like woodchip and wainscotting, which can create a timeless look and offer texture to any room.

Hang up pottery : Hanging clay pots and metal pots hung from nails or hooks are both great items for adding texture to your walls. They also serve a functional purpose when it comes to storing stuff inside your kitchen and other rooms.

Display storage containers on open shelves: Open shelves make great storage spaces. When combined with decorative containers filled with things such as herbs, spices, or other kitchen essentials, open shelves become an eye-catching feature worth paying attention to in your house.

Place potted plants throughout your home: In general, having greenery around helps freshen up homes and provide relief from the constant noise of urban life.

Make rustic furniture work for you: Rustic furniture pieces tend to have clean lines, plenty of storage space, and display lots of character—things everyone wants in their home.

What makes them even better is that you can use them to store practically anything, so long as it fits within certain dimensions. This strategy works for bedrooms, offices, and kitchens alike.

Use an accent color: If you want to avoid making everything in your living space appear rustic all at once, introduce a single color that ties everything together.

Redbrick flooring has been popular among decorators lately, given its ability to combine with just about any interior scheme.

You can choose to place red brick across parts of your floors or experiment with more intricate patterns before deciding what looks best in your home.

Mix old and new: It’s always important to mix things up every now and then if you want your home to remain interesting.

While achieving that balance between modernity and traditionalism is no walk in the park, throwing a few vintage-inspired pieces into rooms where there aren’t many country touches could add a touch of uniqueness.

Choose high-quality furniture: The longer something lasts, the better off you are –especially when it comes to furniture. Paying slightly extra may help ensure quality since cheap products tend to break down faster than expected, requiring expensive fixes down the road and costlier replacements down the line.

Brainstorming Rustic Farmhouse Design And Furniture

If you’re looking to add a touch of farmhouse rusticity to your space but aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to capture that comfortable aesthetic without going overboard or forcing all your furniture pieces into antique mode—which will eventually lead to problems anyway.

That’s because antiques might fit perfectly in one century but look totally out of place in another; making them very hard (if not impossible) to resell.

Make sure everything still works and look at today’s popular styles before investing big bucks just so they can sit unused later down the road.

The Benefits Of Having Rustic Farmhouse

Unlike most farmhouses, which were primarily functional buildings used to store large amounts of farming equipment and livestock, a true rustic farmhouse is much more focused on style and a warm environment.

This doesn’t mean that it is devoid of practicality. Rustic farmhouses are still built to withstand extreme weather conditions and stand up to animals and people tramping in and out of them, but at their core, they are elegant structures with sturdy exteriors.

They’re an ideal combination of charm and functionality. Many aspects of these houses can translate to smaller homes; you don’t have to live on a ranch or in a rural area to incorporate rustic elements into your home.

Creating a cozy space inside can be done without too much fuss. Incorporating elements like rough-hewn beams, unfinished wooden furniture, exposed brick walls, and ample storage give any living space a natural look.

If you want to go all-out with decorating your rustic farmhouse home, browse interior design stores or visit sites like Pinterest for ideas. There is no limit to what you can do when bringing bits of nature indoors.

Understanding Rustic Farmhouse Style And Types

Some people like to incorporate a Rustic Farmhouse style into their home decor. It doesn’t mean you need to buy a farm and start growing crops, but it does mean that you want your space to be simple, clean, and comfortable.

In particular, if your living room isn’t quite large enough for that big old cowhide rug or rustic coffee table you were thinking about, don’t worry because there are plenty of other ways to achieve that look without resorting to taking out a second mortgage on your house. Just keep reading below and we’ll show you how…

Applying Rustic FarmHouse Style In Your Home

The rustic design comes in all different shapes and sizes. While some people like their rustic designs to be cozy, with soft touches and lots of knickknacks, others prefer rustic decor with a touch of formality.

Whether you’re looking to add rustic elements to your home or if you’d like a more whole-home style makeover, there are plenty of options available for you to choose from.

What’s great about any type of farmhouse style is that it has a very organic look—so whether you’ve got a touch of country in your life, the Rustic FarmHouse style is one that anyone can appreciate.

Let’s explore what types of things you can do with the Rustical FarmHouse style…

It’s said that everything old is new again – but with many decades of vintage furniture, collectibles, and miscellaneous junk available for purchase today on eBay and at local flea markets, sometimes we have to ask ourselves: Is anything really new?

In fact, many styles once thought lost have been recreated through time. Looking at how past trends resonate today might help us predict which trends will gain popularity in years to come.

Selecting Rustic Farmhouse Furniture

When you’re on a quest to find rustic farmhouse furniture, you want to make sure it’s true to its name—it needs to be rustic and it needs to be a farmhouse.

Rustic means unfinished (if you can still see the wood grain), chunky and strong, with straight lines rather than curves.

Farmhouse means wooden, not iron or other metals.

Use these guidelines when shopping for your own rustic farmhouse furniture, and give yourself time; you don’t need everything at once.

Start with a few key pieces that reflect your style before building out from there. You might even consider collecting one piece of new furniture every month or two.

Inevitably, something will catch your eye that adds to the design while also demonstrating how versatile rustic farmhouse decor is.

Once you’ve settled on a style of rustic farmhouse furniture, it’s time to choose what you want.

Shopping For Rustic Chair

For chairs, look for ones with simple lines that can go with lots of things. Avoid any chair backs with floral designs or anything too elaborate; these are usually harder to match to other furniture.

Shopping For Rustic Furniture

If you get a sofa and love seat, try to get them in one piece; two separate pieces work if you have a large room and want to create distinct spaces rather than just having one long couch.

Rustic doesn’t mean shabby, though—rustic farmhouse furniture should still be well-made and sturdy. Don’t buy anything flimsy or that looks as if it would be uncomfortable to sit on.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

It’s easy to see why kitchens in a Rustic Farmhouse style are becoming increasingly popular—and with good reason. Simply stated, they’re functional and aesthetic. The focal point of any room, kitchens are spaces that families spend considerable time in, both during meals and at other times of day as well.

The kitchen is one of those rooms that’s often overlooked in terms of rustic farmhouse style. But with a few smart upgrades, you can give your kitchen an instant rustic upgrade.

For example, removing your stainless steel appliances and replacing them with vintage-style white enamel stoves, adding iron pendant lights over your center island, switching to farmhouse sinks, and giving your cabinets a distressed update.

It doesn’t get more rustic farmhouse than a kitchen. We’re talking old-fashioned, vintage appliances mixed with stainless steel and modern touches like textured ceiling tiles or wood paneling. Add in warm accents like wood surfaces and tiled walls and you have yourself a well-rounded rustic farmhouse style kitchen.

Most of us want a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional, but not every family has a big budget to accomplish both goals.

When you want rustic farmhouse style in your kitchen but are on a budget, think of each part of your kitchen—the ceiling, walls, floors, and cabinets—as individual components that can be finished separately. If you add one or two new features at a time over time, it won’t be long before your entire space feels more like home.

Rutic Farmhouse Bathroom

If you’re looking to decorate your bathroom, start with a clean slate.

Upgrade outdated fixtures, purge clutter, and declutter to achieve a look that’s calming and serene. Look for rustic farmhouse-style pieces such as an antique vanity or dresser and add small touches like iron candle holders or jars of bath salts to further evoke feelings of tranquility in your home’s space.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate color. Adding colorful towels, rugs or curtains can change everything up without having to revamp anything else in your rustic farmhouse bathroom decor.

Make it easy on yourself by choosing light-colored furniture (think white), but don’t be afraid to mix high styles – dark wood with white highlights is timeless.

Consider splurging on a clawfoot tub if you don’t already have one; these are perfect for relaxing or warming up after a shower, especially when paired with candles and soft music.

Bathrooms are often thought of as being feminine spaces, but keeping them bright and airy can transform them into a place where anyone feels at ease soaking away their stress – no matter their gender identity.

Allowing yourself to incorporate some creativity into your design helps keep things feeling new while also evoking feelings of calmness whenever needed most.

Features Of Rustic Farmhouse

When you think about the rustic farmhouse, it’s easy to imagine colorful quilts and all-natural wood tables.

However, there is more to a rustic farmhouse than that.

The rustic country decor features beautiful colors in a natural setting, giving any space a warm and inviting feeling. As with many aspects of home decorating and design, however, one person’s idea of a rustic farmhouse might be very different from another’s.

While you may have an idea of what kind of look you are trying to achieve in your home or office, it can help to look at several different examples before making final decisions on how you want things arranged.

How To Add Rustic Style To Modular House ?

A great way to accessorize any rustic style room is by adding bright-colored pillows on couches or chairs.

Select pillows in shades of blue, purple, and red. For some added comfort in your living room purchase saddle blankets that have been lined with soft fabric such as cotton or velvet.

Cover a sofa cushion with one of these blankets and tie it into place using leather straps that match one another in color.

There are so many things to discuss on this subject. This is another great topic of discussion. So I am considering explaining in more detail step by step so that it can help you in a better way. Stay tuned.