A To Z About Modern Farmhouse Style [ Beginner’s Guide ]

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The country house has long been synonymous with the homey, inviting style that’s come to be known as the farmhouse style.

But the thing about farmhouse style is that you don’t have to live in a ranch-style house or a shabby chic cottage in order to achieve this look.

If you’re living in a contemporary home, there are plenty of ways to make it feel like an authentic farmhouse without completely sacrificing your sense of modern design.

In many ways, farmhouse style and modern style are opposite sides of the same coin.

Farmhouse style is often rustic, with its weathered wood and worn-in leather, while modern style can be sleek and streamlined, made of metal and glass.

However, there’s also plenty of room to mix the two together and achieve a perfect balance that takes advantage of the best parts of both styles without succumbing to one’s weaknesses.

How would you like to be able to enjoy all the rustic charm of farmhouse style while also enjoying the sleek, streamlined look of contemporary design?

It might sound like an impossible goal, but it’s not.

Let’s dive into this post, and learn how to achieve the perfect balance of farmhouse style and modern design house.

Here are some topics and subjects I have covered in this post, feel free to navigate around the topic of interest using a table of content below.

Where The Idea Of FarmHouse Style Originated ?

Farm House styles originated in Europe, specifically in Germany and Scandinavia. These countries were responsible for creating farmhouses that had their own unique characteristics but shared many similarities as well.

Today Farm House styles are popular throughout America, Canada, and Australia, as well as other European countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland– farmhouse styles Farm Houses, have many different variations including Colonial Farm Houses, French Provincial Farm Houses, and Victorian Farm Houses among others.

But who cares about how the idea of the farmhouse came into existence, people like you and I who believe it is one of the coolest things ever and try our best to bring it into our lives too.

What’s Unique About Modern Farmhouse ?

It’s essentially a more refined version of classic country style. The ideal blend of contemporary minimalism and a warm and inviting, calm and rural atmosphere.

The farmhouse interior design includes distinct aspects that contribute to a relaxing atmosphere and a well-curated aesthetic.

The ideal modern farmhouse design should strike a balance between functionality and elegance. While nothing should be too delicate, the space should have a sophisticated feel about it.

Elements Of Modern FarmHouse Style Home

  • White Exteriors

  • Dark-colored Roof

  • Simple Landscaping & Structure      

  • Reclaimed Wood

  • Many Windows

  • Barnboard Details     

  • Architectural Salvage

  • Contemporary Lighting

  • Pine Outdoor Furniture

  • Vintage Accessories

  • Large Covered Porch

  • Neutral modern farmhouse exterior colors

Tips On Achieving Modern Farmhouse Look Style

Yes, you can have a modern home that incorporates a modern farmhouse style.

From open-concept interiors to sleek furniture pieces, you don’t have to choose between modern and farmhouse style – it’s all about finding that balance between rustic touches, natural colors, and relaxed furnishings.

In the below section, you’ll find a several brainstorming ideas about achieving style design.

The core idea behind the farmhouse style is using original materials like wood with distinctive markings or finishes such as weathered or distressed paint.

When looking for modern farmhouse design inspiration, think about how the wood would be featured in your house.

Modern Farmhouse Plans

Modern farmhouse ideas are very trendy right now because they give the traditional farmhouse style a fresh, contemporary twist.

Clean lines, huge windows, vertical siding, metal roofs, open floor plans, and outstanding curb appeal are common features of modern farmhouses.

Traditional or modern farmhouse plans both have one or two stories of living space, a big or wraparound porch, a large kitchen with an island, and a gable-shaped roof.

Choose a modern farmhouse plan with rustic Craftsman features for a very gorgeous aesthetic.

Barn style and barndominium plans are popular modern farmhouse sub-type.

Modern farmhouses, classic farmhouses, barn-style home plans, which are ordinary house plans with a “barn appearance and feel,” and metal-framed barndominium plans.

Modern Farmhouse Interior And Exterior

Modern Farmhouse Interior

Interior design with a farmhouse feel has been around for a long time.

This mix of contemporary and country, serene and pleasant, is embodied by whitewashed walls, timber beams, and contrasting metals.

And the Modern Farmhouse design is a terrific way to incorporate the style into the interior of your modern home.

Materials For Interior Designs

Consider rustic, distressed, or natural styles. Distressed finishes, from worn wood to exposed masonry, scream “rustic farmhouse.”

A stumbling block. Beams of exposed wood Consider shaker-style cabinetry with sophisticated metallic hardware and natural wood furniture for your kitchen.

Texture For Interior Design

One of the features of farmhouse decor is the use of diverse textures. Choose distressed surfaces with scratches or knots for furniture.

Leather, linen, and velvet are all good choices. Then, for depth and a timeless aesthetic, add fabrics like natural fiber carpets, knitted blankets, and faux-fur pillows.

Accessories & Decor

Combining modern and old elements is a simple approach to achieving the modern farmhouse aesthetic – while also adding your own flair.

Signs and graphics, as well as vintage mirrors, country-inspired landscapes, and botanical prints, are all popular.

A few strategically placed objects should provide enough farmhouse vibes without becoming cluttered.

Flea markets and antique stores are fantastic places to look for unique items that complement your decor.

Metals Composition As A Interior Design

Mix metals (gold, black, and silver) in the same location if you want to.

Brushed finishes complement any other distressed surfaces, making them ideal for farmhouses.

Gunmetal greys are a popular choice in farmhouse interior design, as they combine a rustic sense with elegance and contrast. Galvanized steel provides a sense of rustic charm.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Basic Exterior Design & Structure

A farmhouse was traditionally rectangular in shape and may have been gradually expanded as the family grew.

The family would often dwell in one section of the house while further rooms were being built around them.

The modest gable roofline was erected at a 45-degree slant onto the walls to enable framing and later expansion of the house easier.

The simple shape of today’s modern farmhouse is preserved, but it may include changes to offer architectural character.

White Exterior Design

While not all modern farmhouses are white, many are and are often coated in vinyl siding, vertical or horizontal planks, or brick.

The outside is plain, with only minimal window trim or possibly shutters to offer some design.

White clapboard siding was commonly used in farmhouses in the past. It’s a simple, timeless hue.

These houses were built to house a large, hardworking family, not to make a statement.

Contemporary Exterior Design & Style

Here, there are no brass light fittings. Most of the time, you’ll notice a modern barn light or something industrial flanking the front door of these houses.

Color Combination Into Modern Farmhouse Style House

Incorporating color into your decor isn’t nearly as challenging with a modern farmhouse style, since you’re already placing yourself in a neutral space.

But there are still plenty of ways to work color in.

One way is by mixing patterns within your space; not only does the pattern add a pop of color, but it also gives you more flexibility when it comes to matching patterns in accessories.

Mixing patterns doesn’t mean that everything has to match exactly—mixing stripes with floral prints, for example—but rather that different elements have similar enough styles to play nicely together.

Another great way to incorporate color is through accessorizing; simple items like throw pillows or vases can make all the difference in adding a splash of color to your home.

And while incorporating pops of vibrant hues might seem intimidating at first, remember that even small changes can make big differences.

Space And Accomdation

A large farmhouse table will fit right into any modern farmhouse style room :

The key to pulling off a farmhouse table in a contemporary space is making sure it fits properly and coordinates well with other furniture around it.

Since large tables aren’t very practical for small spaces (and vice versa), choosing one should be based on how well it works within your home.

If you have a larger living room, then go ahead and pull out that big farmhouse table; if you have a smaller dining area, then opt for something more petite instead.

Once you’ve found your perfect match, make sure that all of its pieces are working together by keeping colors similar throughout; remember that contrast can also work well here, so don’t be afraid to pair different colors together if they complement each other nicely.

If you really want to amp up your farmhouse look, then consider adding some rustic decor as well—this can add even more color or texture to an otherwise neutral space.

Another great way to incorporate farmhouse elements into your home is through decorative accessories like throw pillows or vases.

These items can help liven up a dull-looking space while still staying true to your farmhouse style preferences.

And while these items might seem like simple additions, they can actually do quite a bit when it comes to changing up an entire room’s look.

For example, using two different pillows in contrasting patterns—like floral and stripes—can instantly change up a couch without having to buy new furniture altogether.

Ways To Use Metal In Your Modern Farmhouse Design

Although we usually associate farmhouse design with a rustic aesthetic, today’s modern farmhouses are a blend of contemporary elements such as steel fixtures and stone veneer with more traditional design concepts such as wood finishes.

When using metal in your modern farmhouse design, consider juxtaposing it with natural textures to help keep a rustic feel.

Here are some ways you can use metal to add sophistication to your modern farmhouse without going overboard.

Use Metal Accents Instead Of Wallpaper Or Paint

Wallpaper is often used in farmhouse-style designs because they give an impression of warmth and coziness.

If you want to achieve that same effect but don’t want to deal with wallpapering, try using metal instead! Metal wall art adds interest and texture while creating a space that feels warm and inviting.

It’s also very easy to install—all you need is nails or screws. If adding metal isn’t for you, try painting wooden furniture white or another light color for an easy way to create contrast between old-fashioned materials like wood and new ones like steel.

You could even paint accent walls if you’re feeling bold.

How Do You Mix Hardwoods With Stone ?

The key to achieving a cohesive mix of modern farmhouse styles lies in understanding how one material can complement another.

Hardwoods, such as maple or oak, work well when paired with stone because they tend to be more neutral in color than other woods.

Stone is ideal for those who prefer a more minimalist approach because it is available in many colors and materials that can blend seamlessly into your home’s decor.

If you’re planning on using a stone at home but aren’t sure which kind would fit best, there are certain options that are worth considering.

For example, one popular choice is polished granite, which mimics wood grain quite closely and has been used on floors for decades.

A Perfect Balance In Modern Farmhouse Style Home

While you may be attracted to a very authentic farmhouse-style home, complete with exposed beams, thick wooden doors, and vintage furniture, there are some things you should know before deciding on that look.

Most importantly is that your house will lack balance in terms of style if you choose to go down that route. To start off, it can become incredibly overwhelming.

When trying to create warmth and coziness in an otherwise minimalist space, heavy furniture becomes difficult to incorporate without overpowering other features or distracting from key elements like artwork or architectural details.

The good news is that modern farmhouse design doesn’t have to involve piles of primitive-looking furniture.

For example, think about adding rustic touches to a more contemporary space by choosing pieces that are less bulky and made out of materials such as metal or wood instead of stone or brick.

In addition, while many people think country living means lots of natural light streaming through large windows, try incorporating modern shades and blinds into your farmhouse-style home for a more sophisticated aesthetic.

As far as decorating goes, don’t forget about lighting either.

You might want to consider using hardwood floors throughout most of your home but switching up the flooring in areas where natural light is abundant (such as kitchens) so they stand out against darker surfaces such as tile or carpet.

What Does Modern Farmhouse Mean ?

The modern farmhouse style is a trend that combines rustic elements (such as rough-hewn beams, natural materials, and distressed finishes) with clean, contemporary lines.

It evolved from a centuries-old decorating tradition called transitional style; an offshoot of the French Colonial style.

The difference between country and farmhouse styles is that modern farmhouse decor merges several design styles together, combining traditional elements with sleek lines.

It also uses lots of reclaimed materials to create its unique look. How do you achieve farmhouse style in modern houses?

If you’re looking for ways to achieve farmhouse style without having to move into a dilapidated barn, here are some tips on how you can do it.

The Similarities Between Country And Farmhouse Styles

Farmhouse style is a combination of rustic country design elements with sleek contemporary details.

It has also been modernized for contemporary lifestyles, giving homeowners more options for decorating.

In both styles, you’ll find exposed beams, hardwood floors, low-slung furniture pieces, wooden wall coverings, and neutral palettes with pops of color.

Modern Farmhouse Architecture

Farmhouse architecture refers to a vernacular architectural tradition that originated on farms and in small villages during medieval times throughout Northern Europe and parts of Britain, where it remains common today.

If You Have A Traditional Home, What Can You Do ?

If you have a traditional home, there are a number of elements you can add to transform it into an inviting contemporary space.

Use modern furniture and accessories to create a farmhouse-inspired living room, dining room, or kitchen.

You could also replace wood windows with metal or plexiglass windows for some extra style points. Hang metal light fixtures in your kitchen to give off that rustic vibe.

If you love color as much as we do, don’t be afraid to splash some fun hues throughout your new farmhouse-inspired space. Also, don’t forget about artwork either.

Choose farmhouse paintings, like pastoral scenes or country homes set against lush greenery, to give your walls some personality.

Remember – a farmhouse is all about character and comfort.

Don’t be afraid to make your house unique by adding something unexpected here and there. In fact, if you want to stay true to farmhouse style, mix things up.

For example, hang eclectic artwork on your wall while using vintage furniture pieces throughout other rooms in your house.

It doesn’t hurt if they clash either. Just remember – if you use high-quality materials (especially when it comes to textiles), it’s okay if everything isn’t exactly cohesive – as long as everything is of high quality.

How To Create An Open Floor Plan For Modern Farmhouse Style Home ?

Creating an open floor plan is all about removing walls that don’t need to be there.

There are two ways to go about doing it:

Tearing them down yourself or, more often, Breaking through existing walls with new ones.

Either way, the key is to remove walls between spaces so you can enjoy bigger rooms in your home that still feel airy and open.

It’s all about that balance between indoor and outdoor living, which is why these spaces feel so much like a home where you can relax after a long day or entertain guests who will compliment your style.

Huge-covered porches, large windows, clean lines, and noticeable wood support elements are common features in our farmhouse plans and floor plans, which bring comfort, practicality, and flair.

Rest assured that, just as our skilled farmhouse architects intended, all of our farmhouse floor designs provide a pleasant ambiance that feels just like home.

How Do You Achieve Farmhouse Style In A Ordinary Home ?

The farmhouse style has gained traction over recent years as more people have grown tired of traditional styles.

But if you’re looking to add some farmhouse flair to your ordinary home, it’s important to understand exactly what sets farmhouses apart from other styles.

You see, farmhouses are not typically made out of brick or stone but instead were crafted out of timber framing.

Here are the best 7 ways to get Farmhouse style in your home

  • Mix Old and New Elements

  • Avoid Bright Colors

  • Use with Wire Baskets

  • Neutral Colors on the Walls

Modern farmhouse design incorporates modern elements such as clean lines, glossy accents, and neutral color schemes into the cozy, relaxing farmhouse aesthetic.

It’s less rustic and more elegant, with stainless steel appliances, granite worktops, and streamlined lighting as key design components.

Creating Farmhouse Style In Modern Home

The farmhouse style is very popular, especially in Western Europe. However, achieving it in a modern home can be tricky since a farmhouse usually has more rustic elements that aren’t usually included in a modern house like shiplap walls or barn doors.

But don’t worry.

By understanding what defines farmhouse style, we can help you get some farmhouse flair into your modern abode.

One of my favorite parts about the farmhouse style is its use of light colors and white trim.

If you are looking for a way to achieve farmhouse flair in your modern home, start by painting your baseboards white.

The white paint looks good with any color scheme so if you decide to change up your interior design at any point down the road, painting them will give them an instant facelift.

For instance, when I moved into my current apartment I painted all my baseboards white so they would blend well with whatever color scheme I decided on later on.

When creating farmhouse style in a modern home, think about using wood flooring instead of carpeting.

Wood floors add warmth to a room and also look great against bare wall space (if you choose not to paint).

Another option is floating hardwood floors which have become increasingly popular over time due to their clean lines and minimalistic appeal.

There are plenty of options available from faux wood flooring made out of recycled materials to real hardwood flooring, so no matter your budget there should be something that works for you.

Difference Between Country & Farmhouse Styles

The term Farmhouse can be used to describe a style of architecture that mixes elements from both traditional rural farm structures and newly designed modern homes.

Usually, a home with a Farmhouse style features an exposed gable or front-facing roofline (which are two identifying features of traditional farmhouses) in conjunction with contemporary details like wooden siding or a sloped roof.

So, while it might be hard to tell at first glance whether you’re looking at a country house or one with a Farmhouse style, there are definitely some clear differences between them.

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