Conex Homes – HandBook Guide [ Container Home Plan & Design ]

The conex homes is a revolutionary idea which is getting very famous in the recent days. It has become a very common thing that people are building their houses out of containers, so as to create an eco-friendly environment for themselves.

The idea behind it is not only to provide a better living environment but also to save natural resources and money.

In the blog, you’ll find everything you need to build knowledge about the conex box house before getting planning or getting started.

What Is Conex Homes ? And Conex Meaning

Conex container house

The word ‘Conex‘ simply means that a large, steel-reinforced reusable container, generally used for shipping cargo which further modified for use as temporary accommodation, so-called ‘Conex Homes‘ or ‘Connex Homes’.

Conex houses are considered the cost-effective ways to make a minimal living as well as require less space.

Conex Box Sizes And Dimension

When it comes to building, designing, or even planning, the first thing that comes into mind is about Conex Box Dimension, which is the most frequently asked question.

This is question is obvious in every aspect. Conex box for building conex houses comes in several varieties of sizes. And we are going to see some common conex box dimensions.

As well as give you a clear picture regarding the conex box sizes and dimensions.

Shipping Container Sizes :

  • 10 Foot Container
  • 20 Foot Container
  • 40 Foot Container
  • 40 Food High Cube Container
  • 45 Foot High Cube Container
container home design

Conex Homes Plans

Conex home plans is something starts vary in the beginning. And it’s extensively involved if you physically start taking action to build your home.

Building a conex home is not a kid’s job. It is quite difficult to build without any pre-written or designed plan unless you build plenty of container houses in the past, and you have a whole plan in your head.

And if you’re a beginner, wanting to learn then first learn to build a proper, well-designed, descriptive, efficient architecture home plan because this is what going to instruct your move and steps to build a conex homes.

A conex homes plan changes with the requirement, space available, budget, etc. so take several things into consideration, upon which a complete conex homes plan is based.

So, How To Plan Your First Conex House Plans?

Basically, the very first step is difficult. But once you step into it then things become easier as you go by.

So, the best way to build the best conex home plan is to divide major things into minor and the reason behind this is that you can focus on little stuff more carefully like what it requires, dimensions, cost incurred, need to learn, practice, etc.

For instance,

Conex Homes Foundation Plan – Which specifically deals with building a foundation upon which a container home stands off. Under this container home foundation planning section, you can do all your planning stuff related to building a foundation. Like types of foundation best works, things require, skills need, the cost involved, tools and equipment you need to build conex container house foundation.

Conex Homes Floor Plan

A conex home floor plans is a drawing of an interior space that was created with the intent to communicate spatial relationships between objects in the design.

It is used for making measurements and to make preliminary decisions about functionality, furniture arrangement, etc.

Conex home floor plans can be drawn by hand or using specialized computer software. – A floor plan typically shows walls and doors, key dimensions such as room sizes, windows, staircases, and fireplaces. – It also includes notes about fixtures that must be included in the conex home design.

Building A Conex Container Homes

Once you are done with building the conex home plan, then the next step is to start taking steps to build a shipping container home.

Previously, I had written an in-depth guide about ‘Building Shipping A Container Home In 7 Brainstorming Steps‘ which covers a brief description of all the steps involved in building a conex home right from scratch.

I’d like to advise you to go through this once, as it gives wonderful insight about getting started from scratch. Along with the best practices and challenges to keep in mind while building a conex home.

In brief, these are the steps are involved in building a conex home right from scratch –

Building Step No. 1

Drawing A Floor Plan

– Calculate The Space Available To Setup
– Outdoor Deck Streatching

Building Step No. 2

Purchasing Shiping Container

– Shipping Container Size
– Shipping Container Type
– Shipping Container Condition

Building Step No. 3

Siting And Foundations

– Pier Foundation For Container Home [ Cheapest & Commonly Used ]

Building Step No. 4

Opening And Modification

– Fill Remaining Gap

Building Step No. 5

Framing And Partitions

Building Step No. 6

Electrical Wiring And Plumbing

– Installing Air Conditioner Inside Shipping Container Home
– Take Help Of Qualified Experts If Possible

Building Step No. 7

Insulation And Temperature Control

Benefits Of Conex Homes

Cost Of Building

The cost of building with a shipping container is at least 30% cheaper than building with conventional materials


They are extremely durable, which means they will last for decades if maintained properly and with little repair.

Highly Convertible

Shipping containers can be turned into just about everything you need in a home; bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor living area, and more.

Comes With Size Variants

It’s easy to find one that is the perfect size for your needs There are over 200 feet of space inside each standard shipping.

Minimalist Living

Take less space and best for minimalist living.

Building With Creativity

You can turn a shipping container, not just into the home but anything as per creativity.

Suitable For Local Business

You may even start a local business using a shipping container-like coffee shop, stationery store, fast food shop, etc.

There are tones of benefits and advantages.

But remember a shipping conex house requires little more maintenance than a normal house.

Conex Container Homes Cost

Shipping container home

Container home cost, is it worth the price? Purchasing a container to live in can be a pricey endeavor.

But when you consider all of the costs associated with purchasing and building a traditional house, it’s not that much more expensive to buy a used shipping container and have it modified into your dream home.

The cost of building a conex living place depends on several factors.

Like –

1st Factors – Who & How You Gonna Build A Conex Homes

  • Buying a Brand New Shipping Container Home
  • Buying A Used Container Home
  • Building Conex Home By Yourself
  • Hiring Expert To Build For Your

2nd Factors – Types, Size And Quality Of Container

When buying a shipping container to build a home, one needs to decide by judging quality which is generally, –

  • Used container
  • New Container

The size of the container is another factor, as shipping container comes in a different size. And the cost of size varies, as per the company who is selling.

Don’t forget the shipping delivery cost of a container you order. This also adds an extra expanse.

How Much Is A 40 Ft Shipping Container Cost ?

As I said, it price of the container depends on whether you are using a used one or a new one.

A 40 Foot Standard Shipping Container, retails at US $4500.
A 40 Foot Standard High Cube Container: retails at US $5000.

Cost varies, so the best way to identify quick and the right approximation is to contact the shipping container selling company.

How Much Does A 20 Ft Conex Cost?

As per Conexboxes company,

  • A Used Container cost around $18,00 to $3,000
  • A New Container cost around $3,000 to $5,000
  • Rented Container cost around $50 to $500 Per Month

If you wish to learn and estimate how much exactly you’ll be spending if you build a conex home by yourself. The best is to pull out each and every cost and expanse information while planning your conex home architecture step by step.

3rd Factors – Foundation Building Cost

There are a few types of foundations that are considered while building container homes, which involve different costs. Here are some rough estimations.

  • Trench Foundation Cost Around $3k -4k for a large container
  • Pier Foundation Cost Arround $200 – $500 for a large container
  • Slab Foundation Cost Around $5k – $6k for a large container

4rd Factors – Basic Cost

There are several small to large expanse involved in this, here are some of the basic stuff I’ve listed, that is very general.

You can calculate the cost to add the estimation to the financial planning documents.

  • Electric Wiring
  • Plumbing
  • Container Installation Carrier Charge
  • HVAC
  • Flooring
  • Insulation
  • Roofing
  • Doors and Opening
  • Painting & Decoration
  • Windows & Doors

The above information shared is a rough estimation, as it is very difficult to mention the right estimation. Because the cost keeps varying based on different factors.

In the upcoming blogs, you can learn more in-depth about the cost that is involved in building conex homes. And also suggest how you can reduce the cost and expenses by taking smart decisions, without comprising the quality.

How Long Does Conex Container Homes Last?

Even though container houses are the cheapest housing option available in today’s market, they are also one of the most durable. The durability of a container house depends on the kind of material that has been used to construct it and how it has been built.

Shipping containers are strong, sturdy, and can last for decades if properly maintained. However, the same can be said about any building material or object. There is no such thing as a 100%

Conex containers are a great and inexpensive way to build a home, particularly for those who don’t have much money. They may also be preferable for people who live in areas that experience natural disasters like earthquakes or hurricanes. A Conex container is an intermodal cargo transport container used in the shipping industry. The “Conex” name is short for “Container EXchange.” These containers can be stacked on top of one another, which saves space when they aren’t being

Are Conex Boxes Waterproof?

A Conex box is a sturdy piece of equipment made out of corrugated fiberboard with a hinged lid. So, in most cases, the storage container is air-tight, water-tight, and dust-proof. The waterproof feature of the box is one of its most important features. It gives a guarantee that whatever you place inside the box at your end will remain protected till it reaches its destination at the other end.

Conex boxes were first used by the United States Military during the Korean War. Today, they’re used by everyone from the military to construction workers and are a standard way to transport tools and equipment.

Conex boxes are extremely popular and convenient, but how waterproof are they? Are they watertight?

It is advisable to check and question the buyers related to this while making a purchase order.

Where To Buy Conex Boxes ?

Before making the decision to buy a conex box, make sure you decided the right container size that fits you as per your plan. How many conex boxes you’ll require?

There are many companies that sell conex boxes. But this suggestion of them may not work for you. Because the location matter.

You do not want to order from a far location or from another nation, where you have to pay a huge amount in delivery charges. You can find the nearest dealership by searching on Google. Also can contact them or visit their website to do extra research to find more information regarding the price, size, quality, air and water tightness, delivery cost, taxes, etc.

Final Thought

Building a conex home is a difficult job. If you are building on your own then it requires experience and knowledge regarding using equipment, machines, measurement, etc.

For beginners,

It is not advisable to build complex container homes. But of course, you can decide to build a simple container with a simple design, layout, and architecture. But before that, consider putting a lot of time into learning about all the steps involved and how to do it.

Also, spend plenty amount of time working to build an efficient conex house planning and modeling. You can even consult an expert to guide you throughout the whole process, without being directly involved. But that involves additional expanse as well.

Previously, I’ve written a detailed post about building a shipping container home. And I’ve covered all the necessary steps that are generally involved in the making process right from the scratch along with the best practices.

>>> Step Involved In Building Shipping Container home <<<

Another alternative is to buy a ready conex home, in case if you have no plan to build by yourself.

Feel free to drop your query or any feedback. I’d love to respond back.

And if possible please share on your social network.


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